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Our Mission


To promote and support affordable housing in Johnson County.


Our Vision


Access to safe, decent and affordable housing for all in Johnson County.


Our core values


Access to decent, safe, sanitary, and affordable housing

Collaboration and consensus with public and private partnerships

Advocacy and education concerning affordable housing

Equal opportunity



The Housing Trust Fund of Johnson County is a private, non-profit organization that:



  • Promotes affordable housing in Johnson County by providing public education, balanced information, and opportunities for dialogue

  • Supports affordable housing by providing funding for affordable home ownership, rental and transitional housing and emergency shelter needs.



The Housing Trust Fund of Johnson County (HTFJC) is a private nonprofit organization incorporated in 2002 by area leaders who recognized both the need to address the lack of affordable housing in Johnson County, as well as the opportunities represented by the creation of the State Housing Trust Fund and the campaign to create a National Housing Trust Fund.



Working with the University of Iowa's Nonprofit Resource Center, HTFJC applied for and received tax exempt status under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service. Since its incorporation, HTFJC has received support from a variety of public and private sources.



At HTFJC, our goal is to alleviate the shortage of affordable housing in Johnson County by providing a flexible source of financing to entities that address the housing needs of households with income at or below 80% of the area median level.


Several hundred housing trust funds throughout the United States address housing needs on the local level. The two primary advantages of housing trust funds are that they respond to local priorities and they provide more flexible financing than is available through federal and state programs and private financial institutions. The additional source of funding provided by a housing trust fund often makes a worthy project financially feasible.


At HTFJC, the Distribution Committee of the Board of Directors analyzes information regarding the local housing situation and develops funding priorities that respond to the most pressing needs. Successful applications are carefully reviewed to ensure that projects funded are financially feasible and that the applicants have the capacity to complete the projects as presented.


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